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At FCP Solutions we have the capacity and knowledge to service all areas of industry from the backyard mechanic to the largest world class mining operations. In relation to long life engine coolant, apart from over the counter sales, we have since 1997 been servicing major mines in Australia and PNG. Our stock holdings are from 500ml bottles to 1,000 litre bulk containers. We back this up with extensive knowledge as to how and why coolants work, and together with direct access to the manufacturer for technical and training information, are able to answer queries and offer professional support to all levels involved in an operation using coolant. At FCP Solutions it’s not just green stuff in your engine, we are providing what is arguably the most advanced formula long life engine coolant in the world.


long life engine coolantPrixMax Australia Pty Ltd operates a multi-million dollar investment  ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing facility in Melbourne Victoria, they began operations in 1996 with the release of their Long Life Organic Coolant product known as RCP (Radiator Corrosion Protector).  This product revolutionised the coolant industry by introducing a long life non-depleting water based coolant that offered superior protection for all modern day diesel and petrol engines. PrixMax RCP offered many advantages over conventional chemical based coolant products, namely, the organic nature of the product meant it was not harmful to the environment and did not deplete in use unlike conventional chemical coolants.  In all but the smallest areas of Australia such as the Snowy Mountains region and central Tasmania, there was no longer the need to use Ethylene Glycol (EG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) anti-freeze, further addressing environmental issues, OH&S handling and storage plus trade waste disposal issues.

coolant2The removal of Glycol from a cooling system has a number of advantages including:-

  • The removal of a toxic product from site which addresses environmental, OH&S, storage and disposal issues associated with the Glycol.
  • The removal from site of a potential fire hazard.  Both EG and PG are class 1 combustible materials and many unexplained engine fires may be attributed to a coolant leak under pressure hitting a hot turbo or manifold.  The water content boils off and leaves the Glycol which can either be ignited by a spark in vapour form or will auto-ignite at temperatures easily obtained at various points in an engine.  Please see a story covered by the Courier Mail regarding bus engine fires

Click HERE to read The Courier Mail report.

The cause of these fires was traced to burst radiator hoses on Volvo buses spraying Glycol based coolants onto an ignition source.  The entire Brisbane fleet of 1800 Man, Volvo, Mercedes and Scania buses are now running on PrixMax water based long life engine coolant.

  • Glycol is not as efficient at transmitting heat from an engine to the atmosphere as is a water based fluid.
  • The anti-freeze properties of Glycol may be immediately disregarded in our climate.
  • The anti-boil properties are negated by the greater thermal efficiency of water based products.
  • A water based coolant can keep an engine up to 20 degrees C cooler than a glycol based coolant, essential in our extreme summers.
  • Glycol is specified as a normal component of a coolant as all major engine manufacturers are Northern Hemisphere based where severe winters dictate the use of anti-freeze, the tropical market is a small percentage of the world market so no reference is normally made, though some are now doing so such as Detroit in their 7SE-298 spec.
  • Glycol does nothing to protect the components in an engine, that is the role of the inhibitor in the coolant.

Primax Coolant and Fire Safety :

Watch the video below to see the combustibility of Glycol vs Water Based coolants.

PrixMax RCP Platinum – The World’s Most Advanced Long Life Engine Coolant

In 2014 PrixMax released their latest product RCP PLATINUM.  This advanced formulation long life organic coolant is now the market leader in offering superior engine component protection INCLUDING all seals and gaskets. RCP PLATINUM has been independently tested for seal durability to six times the test requirement period.  RCP PLATINUM is a certified Carbon Neutral product.

RCP Platinum now offers super extended service life of 6 years or 24,000 + hours when coupled with
Coolcheck® evaluation every 2,000 hrs


Coolcheck® Coolant Testing

coolant3The Coolcheck® testing facility offers you one of the most comprehensive coolant testing and action ‘alert’ systems available.

The Coolcheck® laboratory is also one of only a few specialised coolant testing laboratories in the world, and the only one of its kind in Australia.

FCP Solutions have been supplying a major mine in PNG with PrixMax long life engine coolant continously since 1997 and also a major mine in Western Queensland since 2002. The product has been extensively tested in the most arduous conditions now for over 17 years and supply is ongoing.  The proof of the product is by long term use by major companies protecting millions of dollars worth of equipment while at the same time protecting the environment.

Read Porgera Mines product testimonial HERE.

Organic Acid Technology (OAT) has been approved by major OEM’s such as Daimler-Chrysler, Scania, MAN, Renault, MACK-RVI, Ford, GM, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins, Deutz-MWM, GEC-Alsthom, etc. OAT coolants can be used in every water cooled engine on the planet, one product is all you need for your entire fleet of mixed vehicles or machines.


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