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lucasLucas Oil Products produces a premium line of heavy duty and high performance oils, greases and problem solving additives . They are the cream of the crop in the oil and fuel additives game and manufacture for all industries from automotive & industrial including cars, trucks, motor cycles, racing vehicles, hydraulic powered machinery & industrial equipment.

Lucas is also one of the fastest growing additive lines in the consumer automotive industry. A premium line of oils, greases and problem solving additives has helped to firmly establish Lucas as a prominent figure in this marketplace. They have a variety of different industry proven products that can help you get the best out of your engine and equipment while saving you thousands in repairs and downtime. FCP Solutions stock a wide range of quality Lucas Oil products. To find out more about Lucas oil products please click Here.




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Sierra Fuel Fix – Fuel Treatment

Fuel Fix product sizing

Fuel Fix product sizing

Fuel Fix is one of only a few products on the market that actually removes the water and the bug and doesn’t just kill the bug and leave it rot in the tank.

It contain three special additives than work to remove the bug and water.

  • A preservative that in petrol extends the fuels life. In diesel the preservative carries the biocide that kills the bug.
  • Another additives role is to dissolve the bio matter allowing it to pass through filters and burnt up in combustion.
  • The final additive removes water from fuel. The water is absorbed into the fuel allowing it to be burnt off.




The product is very economical and suggested dosage rates are as follows. If a vehicle, truck or piece of machinery is used regularly then a suggested dosage is once every 4 fills. 1 in every 2 for irregular and every fill for idle infrequently used engines and every fill for fuel storage tanks.

Regular use will also clean injectors which will result in better fuel economy, smoother acceleration and power.

Dosage rates are 25ml to the 100L so a 1L will treat 4000L at a maintenance dose. For infestations it is recommended that as much of the water present can be drained off and if possible clean the infected tank and then a shock dosage can be administered at 100ml per 100L.