Filtration Accessories

DONALDSON – Air Filtration Accessories

automotiveSince 1915, Donaldson has been a market leader and innovator in offering filtration accessories solutions to the engine and industrial markets. Donaldson’s diverse product range encompasses air, liquid, hydraulic and exhaust products for the engine market as well as dust, mist and fume collection, processing filtration and gas turbine filtration for industries as varied as power generation to pharmaceutical manufacturing and microprocessing.

FCP Solutions offers a range of products from Donaldson for a variety applications to increase your air filter operation life, these include:

  • Air Cleaners
  • Pre-cleaners & Inlet Hoods
  • Rubber Adapters/Elbows
  • Filter Indicators
  • Mounting Bands

Please call or email for more information or visit the online catalogue to view the extensive range we have to offer. Visit Donaldson Catalogue.

ENGINAIRE – Pre Cleaners & Accessories

automotiveSince 1972 Enginaire Clean Air Systems of Janesville, Wisconsin has been manufacturing and designing air intake systems and accessories for diesel and gas engines powering mobile and stationary equipment that operate in extreme conditions. For industrial applications, Enginaire air intake systems are used in dehumidifying plants, dryers, feed units and compressors to name a few. Enginaire design and manufacturing capabilities include standard or custom air cleaning and collection using the latest high strength plastics as well as fabricated metal configurations.

Enginaire Precleaners

automotiveEnginaire offer a wide variety of high quality air cleaning solutions including their range of amazing precleaners. These remove up to 97% of air borne debris from the incoming air before it enters the air induction system of the engine.  Enginaire precleaners are available with heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel construction for severe environments such as mining, construction, and forestry.

Enginaire precleaners are also available in a low-cost composite material for applications where exposure to damage is minimal.

Benefits of fitting an Enginaire Precleaner Include:

  • Improved fuel economy: as filters get dirty and restriction increases, combustion efficiency is reduced.
  • Extended oil filter life: reduces the amount of contaminant the oil filter has to trap.
  • Reduced emissions: combustion efficiency decreases as air is restricted from passing through the filter.

The longer the filter stays “clean” the longer combustion efficiency is maintained
Call or email today or visit Enginaire’s website for more information. Enginaire Website.