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Sakura Filters are manufactured by the ADR Group of Companies for Sakura Filter Industries Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, in accordance to OEM specification. Key features include filter media that are jointly developed with world class suppliers to meet the most stringent requirements and to ensure high efficiency and maximum lifetime.

More than 2000 part numbers available covering oil, fuel, air, hydraulic, and separator filters for automotive, commercial, and heavy equipments. Sakura Filters are One Stop Shop for Filtration Product.

Sakura Filters are manufactured to the highest standard by companies fully accredited to the ISO/TS 16949:2002 Quality Management System. And tested for efficiency, lifetime, pressure drop across media, vibration, impulse, burst strength, and other exacting criterias at our testing laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:1999 International Laboratory Standard.

The group’s products are used as OEM as well as OES by major companies such as Hino, Hyundai, Isuzu, Kubota, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Nissan Diesel, Toyota and many more. Sakura products are exported to more than 100 countries world wide.FCP Solutions Townsville has been appointed the North Queensland Distributor of Sakura Filtration products servicing all areas north of Proserpine.  We carry an extensive range with new products constantly being introduced to cater for new model vehicles and equipment. Learn more about Sakura here

Uni Filter – Performance Air Filters

uni-filterUni Filter offer one of the world’s largest ranges of automotive air filters, proudly manufactured in Australia by a totally Australian owned company. We have in excess of 7000 air filters available for Cars, SUV, 4×4, Motorcycles, ATV’s, Trucks, Performance, Universal and Industrial air filters.

Unifilter deliver exceptional performance and efficiency by duplicating the world’s best air filter – the human nose. Unifilters polyurethane foam combined with an oil treatment provides excellent air flow with it being 24% less restrictive than a paper air filter equivalent and dust retention to 4µm. An equivalent paper air filter element has an average dust retention rating of 30µm, this makes Unifilter the best air filtration element available in any automotive filter.

These results provide a vehicle with increased performance and fuel economy owing to more air being delivered to the vehicle. Unifilters have the ability to be cleaned an unlimited amount of times and a life cycle of 3 years, this makes Unifilter an exceptional value paper air filter replacement. For more information please visit here.

Heavy Duty Diesel Filters & Filtration Components


automotiveBaldwin Filters have been manufacturing filters since 1936. They are now recognised as one of the worlds leading filter manufacturing companies providing over 6000 individual filter products.

Baldwin offers heavy-duty protection under tough operating conditions for over-the-road commercial vehicles, off-road construction, mining and logging equipment, as well as industrial, agricultural and marine applications.

Quality is Baldwin Filters’ first priority. Baldwin Filters is not just a filter assembler like many large companies. A vertically integrated manufacturing process allows Baldwin to provide maximum control and consistency by not only producing filters, but also by manufacturing filter components.

The practice of building a filter from the base up allows quality and cost control, giving Baldwin Filters an advantage over the competition. To back up its commitment to quality, Baldwin Filters has achieved and maintains TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certifications in its facilities.
FCP Solution Townsville is a major regional distributor of Baldwin filters and stock a large range for most applications.  We supply to end users, major fleets, heavy mining and resellers throughout the North Queensland region.For more information on Baldwin Filters please click here

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Filtrec – Quality Industrial Hydraulic Solutions

automotiveFiltrec is committed to producing the most complete line of hydraulic filters and filter elements for the world market.  Italian made quality, service and flexibility have been the hallmarks of their success plus their ability to address the ever-changing market.

Our product range includes pressure, return and suction filters, spin-on type, breathers, level gauges; and the most complete line of interchangeable filter elements.

FCP Solutions has been supplying Filtrec to the Australian market for over 6 years.  Over that time the market penetration of Filtrec has been second to none.  Filtrec are one of the few aftermarket hydraulic filter suppliers with a product range that covers all facets of the hydraulic filter industry.

For more information please call or email us here at FCP Solutions or visit their website.Filtrec Website.

Donaldson Air Filtration Accessories

automotive Since 1915, Donaldson has been a market leader and innovator in offering filtration solutions to the engine and industrial markets. Donaldson’s diverse product range encompasses air, liquid, hydraulic and exhaust products for the engine market as well as dust, mist and fume collection, processing filtration and gas turbine filtration for industries as varied as power generation to pharmaceutical manufacturing and microprocessing.

FCP Solutions offers a range of products from Donaldson for a variety applications to increase your air filter operation life, these include:

  • Air Cleaners
  • Pre-cleaners & Inlet Hoods
  • Rubber Adapters/Elbows
  • Filter Indicators
  • Mounting Bands


Please call or email for more information or visit the online catalogue to view the extensive range we have to offer. Visit Donaldson Catalogue.

Enginaire Pre Cleaners & Accessories

automotive Since 1972 Enginaire Clean Air Systems of Janesville, Wisconsin has been manufacturing and designing air intake systems and accessories for diesel and gas engines powering mobile and stationary equipment that operate in extreme conditions. For industrial applications, Enginaire air intake systems are used in dehumidifying plants, dryers, feed units and compressors to name a few. Enginaire design and manufacturing capabilities include standard or custom air cleaning and collection using the latest high strength plastics as well as fabricated metal configurations.

Enginaire Precleaners

automotive Enginaire offer a wide variety of high quality air cleaning solutions including their range of amazing precleaners. These remove up to 97% of air borne debris from the incoming air before it enters the air induction system of the engine.  Enginaire precleaners are available with heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel construction for severe environments such as mining, construction, and forestry.

Enginaire precleaners are also available in a low-cost composite material for applications where exposure to damage is minimal.

Benefits of fitting an Enginaire Precleaner Include:

  • Improved fuel economy: as filters get dirty and restriction increases, combustion efficiency is reduced.
  • Extended oil filter life: reduces the amount of contaminant the oil filter has to trap.
  • Reduced emissions: combustion efficiency decreases as air is restricted from passing through the filter.

The longer the filter stays “clean” the longer combustion efficiency is maintained
Call or email today or visit Enginaire’s website for more information. Enginaire Website.

Australian Liquid Filters liquid-filter

FCP Solutions are agents for Ausfil products.  As a professional filter manufacturer in Australia, AUSFIL has served the market for more than 35 years. They guarantee the best customer service and product satisfaction.

They are able to help with either custom design filters, change of existing filters or replace your discontinued OEM filters. Their filters are broadly used in below Key Industries:

  • Food – Chocolate, confectionery, gels, etc.
  • Coatings – Paints, resins, inks, dyes, etc.
  • Chemicals – Pesticides, fungicides, etc.
  • Transport – Trains, Ferries, Buses, Truck and Cars, etc.
  • Environment – waste water, cooling liquids, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Pharmaceutical liquids, etc.
  • High temperature applications – Cooking oils, resins, etc.
  • Mining – Coal, iron ore, etc.

And many more…


For more information on the Ausfil product range please click this link



FCP Solutions sell the world leading American Air Filtration products for all industrial air filtration applications, this includes shopping centre air conditioning units, hospital operating room air filtration (HEPA) through to gas turbine filtration for power stations and anywhere else industrial sized clean air solutions are required.

Please visit the AAF site at for more detailed information on their product range.

Camfil – Clean Air Solutions

The Camfil Group is a world leader in the development and production of air filters and clean air solutions.

Camfil is also one of the most global air filtration specialists in the world with 26 production units and R&D centres in six countries in the Americas, Europe, South East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

With 50 years of experience in air filtration products and solutions, Camfil delivers value to customers all over the world while contributing to something essential to everyone – clean air for health, well-being and performance.

For all clean air solutions, whether for industrial air conditioning units in offices and shopping centres, or HEPA filtration for hospitals through to gas turbine filtration for power generation, Camfil has a high quality product to suit your requirements.  Camfil have the expertise and technical back up to support their extensive product range.

FCP Solutions Townsville is proud to be a distributor of Camfil products.  Call us for all your industrial air filtration needs.

Other Brands – If they make it, we’ll find it!

Being an independent FCP Solutions is not locked into one brand.  We also have access to all brands including Donaldson, Fleetguard and Mann & Hummel to name a few. We strive to supply all your filter needs and usually if we cannot source it, it is genuine only.