Common Rail Diesel Pre Filters

Flashlube Kit for common rail dieselAvoid costly common rail diesel engine injector system repairs and fleet down time with Flashlube pre-filter kits.  The latest generation Common rail diesel engines are equipped with high pressure electronically controlled injection systems.  More than ever before, fuel quality and cleanliness is critical to the reliability of these highly advanced fuel injection systems as can be read here. This is especially important when filling from remote locations, drum fuel transfers and even local suppliers where the quality of the fuel cannot be guaranteed.  Considering a very small, barely measurable amount of water can destroy a common rail injection system, common rail engines require extremely efficient filtration and often the factory filter alone is not enough.  Flashlube pre filter kits come with a Flashlube water separator, these are seen as the market leader in common rail diesel engine protection and with injector and pump repairs costing upwards of $8000.00 and not covered under warranty, can you afford not to have a Flashlube pre filter fitted.

Advantages of fitting a Flashlube Common Rail Diesel Fuel Water Separator include

Efficient – 95% of water contaminants removed along with rust, scale, acids, dirt, rocks, paint chips etc

Customisable – Extra fitting options include primer pumps, electronic water in fuel indicators and more

Spill Free – Unique dry change element and easy drain valve on the bottom of the bowl, eliminates fuel spills protecting the environment.

Tool Free – Maintenance and replacement of these units could not be simpler with a quick change retaining ring

Recommended to be used as a 30 micron pre-filter to take the load off your final filter thus enabling the final to perform at maximum efficiency. (2 micron also available)

Stand Alone or Complete Kits

We can provide the Flashlube fuel water separator filtration units by themselves which includes,

1x Head
1x Filter
1x Bowl

Complete fit kits are available for most late model common rail diesel makes and models, they contain absolutely everything you need to fit these units.  Furthermore the brackets are designed to fit into the engine bay without having to drill 1 single hole.

Kits include:

1x Filter Assembly as described above
1x Fuel Hose
1x Bracket (Laser cut steel painted black to match other engine bay brackets, made to suit make and model vehicle engine bay)
1x Fitting Kit (Fuel Hose fittings, Bolts, Nuts, Hose Clamps etc)
1x Loctite Thread Sealant (Not Supplied elsewhere)
1x Detailed Fitting Instructions

Flashlube pre-filter kits are a cheap insurance policy for your pumps and injectors and the only accessory you will fit to your vehicle that has the potential to save you thousands of dollars. Call today for more information.