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uni-filterUni Filter offer one of the world’s largest ranges of automotive air filters, proudly manufactured in Australia by a totally Australian owned company. They have in excess of 7000 performance filters available for Cars, SUV, 4×4, Motorcycles, ATV’s, Trucks, Performance, Universal and Industrial air filters.

Unifilter deliver exceptional performance and efficiency by duplicating the world’s best air filter – the human nose. Unifilters polyurethane foam combined with an oil treatment provides excellent air flow with it being 24% less restrictive than a paper air filter equivalent and dust retention to 4µm. An equivalent paper air filter element has an average dust retention rating of 30µm, this makes Unifilter the best air filtration element available in any automotive filter.


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These results provide a vehicle with increased performance and fuel economy owing to more air being delivered to the vehicle. Unifilters have the ability to be cleaned an unlimited amount of times and a life cycle of 3 years, this makes Unifilter an exceptional value paper air filter replacement.

Webber Kit - Copy copyUC220 150SCT

FCP Solutions carry a range of Unifilter products in store to suit popular makes and models and can source any part number they carry direct from the factory. We also stock a massive range of the ever popular 4X4 snorkel pre filter’s in both the ram head cover and internal “droopie” variety. These are a must have accessories when operating in dusting conditions. They can prevent up to 90% of dust reaching your factory filter, can be serviced and re-used and do not affect engine flow.

Unfilter Pre CleanerUnfilter Droopie