Diesel Fuel Decontamination

De-Bug Diesel Fuel Treatment Units

Infected fuel is a fact of life today, especially in warmer climates. Infected fuel can stop your engine, or at the very least inhibit its performance. Infected fuel increases maintenance costs.  Correcting infected fuel is easy with a De-Bug fuel treatment unit.

The only previous treatments for diesel bug contamination have involved manual cleaning and dosing with biocides. This can cure the problem in the short term, but cross infection will recur the next time contaminated fuel is received. Most biocides are highly toxic, not only to microbes but also to human beings and the environment.

The De-Bug fuel treatment unit utilises a magnetic principal to control microbial infestations and during scientific test has achieved “kill rates” better than biocides. All of this achieved without any possibility of human or environmental damage.

The De-Bug fuel treatment unit cleans up the total fuel system. A clean fuel system enables the engine to reach its peak performance. Fuel filter cartridge life is considerably extended and the life of the mechanical fuel injection components is also prolonged, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

A De-Bug fuel treatment unit when fitted into the low pressure side of a diesel engine’s fuel system will constantly treat the symptoms, providing the necessary cure. the microbial contaminants are killed and disposed of without leaving any residue to block filters and the complete fuel system is cleaned out.


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De-Bug Fuel Treatment Units are:

  • Effective – for cleaning diesel of microbiological contaminants,
  • Efficient – cost nothing to operate, reduce maintenance expenses and fuel burn
  • Clean – no additives required, reduces black smoke,
  • Durable –  Built from non-corrosive marine grade materials.
  • Do not have any wires, or moving parts, require no chemicals or additives and no consumable items,
  • Straight Forward – De-Bug are easy to fit and maintain.


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Sierra Fuel Fix – Fuel Treatment


Fuel Fix product sizing

Fuel Fix product sizing

Fuel Fix is one of only a few products on the market that actually removes the water and the bug and doesn’t just kill the bug and leave it rot in the tank. It contains three special additives than work to remove the bug and water.

  • A preservative that in petrol extends the fuels life. In diesel the preservative carries the biocide that kills the bug.
  • Another additives role is to dissolve the bio matter allowing it to pass through filters and burnt up in combustion.
  • The final additive removes water from fuel. The water is absorbed into the fuel allowing it to be burnt off.




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The product is very economical and suggested dosage rates are – if a vehicle, truck or piece of machinery is used regularly then suggested dosage is once every 4 fills. One in every 2 for irregular, and every fill for idle infrequently used engines, every fill for fuel storage tanks.

Regular use will also clean injectors which will result in better fuel economy, smoother acceleration and power.

Dosage rates are 25ml to the 100L so a 1L will treat 4000L at a maintenance dose. For infestations it is recommended that as much of the water present can be drained off and if possible clean the infected tank and then a shock dosage can be administered at 100ml per 100L.